July 7, 2013

Communal Nerdery

Just started up another game of Pathfinder with some friends and thought I'd share my take on our awesome characters.  From left to right:  Lady Sugarsnap the Precocious and her pet boar Admiral Truffles, Eidan D'Haal the farmboy, Slim Jim III the creepy sorcerer, gnome cleric Gipetto Flardelli, and elf rogue/cook Aryan.

see other incarnations here:

It was so much fun drawing the new group's characters that I wanted to do the same for my first game.
From left to right:  mercenary Tobias Dark, Finch Cloudkicker the promiscuous halfling, excessively badass paladin Vitrius, highlands dwarf called The Mason, and the lovely nature-protecting Yuvitza with her pet Foosa.  Actually, there are nine characters plus two significant animals for this group's whole story--over two years in play and still going.  For simplicity's sake, I stuck with the initial set.


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