October 16, 2011

Don't ask and you shall receive

Usually I hate when people ask me to draw something.  There are a few occasions where I've procrastinated on a request for up to 3 years. It's a serious problem, and also why I could never bring myself to do freelance animation.
However, a few times I've had the inspiration to finish something in a decent amount of time.  Here are some things I've tackled within the past 5 years:

         Gonna start with my favourite.  The client knew roughly what she wanted, yet was openminded enough to share ideas--the perfect approach.  Too often a freelancer will hear "Do it exactly like this" or "You're the artist. Show me a masterpiece."  Few clients understand that many restrictions or too much freedom is difficult to work with.  Rantrantrant  Anyway, that's why this is my favourite.

Scientia is a french/english translation service in France

 GRIDS....the only thing I remember is that they wanted me to revamp the incredibly outdated image they were currently using.  Seriously though...I don't even remember if they paid me.

okay, well...it's for me, but still relevant to the post

clipart for Mondo Products Co. Ltd
and a possible mascot???

sitcom about my friend and a transformer sharing an apartment in downtown Toronto
hilarity ensues

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